June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds



Sinine, that means blue in English, is the Estonian electronica singer-songwriter-producer Mauno Meesit with additional vocal performance by Liina Rätsep and live-drums by Jaagup Tormis. Their only performance this summer in Estonia will be on Rock Summer 25! Compositions of Sinine are a blend of pop with elements of rock, electronica, classical, ambient, folk and trip-hop music. "I am interested in creating only heartfelt music," says Meesit. "It can be either hauntingly beautiful or ragingly powerful – sometimes both –, but it always has to have this special element that makes it more than just a song." In 2003 Meesit, after having played guitar in several rock bands, started to search for ways of making more personalized music. In addition to playing the guitar he started to experiment with electronic music – so his solo project Sinine was born. Today Sinine is a band with expressive live shows. At the Estonian Music Awards in 2009 Sinine was announced to be the Newcomer of the Year. Next year – the Best Electronic Music Artist. In 2009 they released their first album "Butterflies", last October their second album "Dreams Come True" went straight No 1 in German Alternative Charts. For listening and watching we offer you the brand new video of Sinine – "I Can't See You".

Mauno Meesit – vocals, guitar
Liina Rätsep – vocals, keyboards
Jaagup Tormis – drums