June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds

Sharon Corr


Sharon Corr – Grammy nominee and British Award winner, singer, songwriter and violinist, a hugely successful musician both as a member of the Irish family ensemble The Corrs throughout their 15 year long career and now as a solo artist. In addition to the violin, that she started to learn at the age of six, she plays also the piano and the guitar. She has toured Europe and Australia, has played festivals, among others the legendary Glastonbury in the UK. When Sharon's older brother Jim and younger sisters Caroline and Andrea took time off to focus on their growing families, Sharon, mother of two, went on making music because: “Music is what makes me tick,“ she has said. In 2010 she released her debut solo album “Dream Of You“. If the hits SC wrote for The Corrs the critics called songs of innocence, the tracks on her solo album can be described as songs of experience. Besides music SC supports the causes she believes in – she is the face of OXFAM Ireland with their campaign “Ending Poverty Starts With Women“.
VIDEO: Watch Sharon Corr's performance at Rock Summer 25 and interview made by the Estonian National TV here (starting from 5:00).

Sharon Corr – vocals, violin
Thad DeBrock – guitars
Pete Wilhoit – drums
Dale Davis – bass
John McCullough – keyboards
Darragh Murphy – uilleann pipes, banjo, flutes, acoustic guitar