June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds


Jaak Ahelik /host of Bryan Adams/: It was an unforgettable weekend. Thank you, Jüri, for having the strength.
John Greatwood
/manager of Skindred/: On behalf of all of the Skindred team thank you for having us, and for looking after us so well. We all had a great time and a great show. It was the first time for all of us in your beautiful country and we can't wait to return. 
Kerttu von Kuriloom /about Skindred’s performance/: They made really good music!
Toomas Vanem: Everything ran like clockwork, we all had a great experience at Rock Summer, it was cool! Jüri, a thousand thanks to You and Your team for this fantastic event! My band joins these thoughts as well... and lets keep Rocking :)
Linda Langsepp: Thank you! Especially for Toomas Vanem and The Limited Edition, Oli Brown, Skid Row and Bryan Adams.
Rambo Stevens /manager of P.I.L./: Thank You for inviting us.
Alo Jaanivald: Got my hit of nostalgia, 100%. PIL were fantastic!
Erik Sakkov /manager and keyboardist of Pantokraator/: Jüri, Pantokraator wants to thank You and the team for a great festival. It was an honour for us to perform at Rock Summer. Thanks for having the strength.
Margit Gruuse: An applause for the organisers. Actually, Rock Summer was one of the best events on the Song Festival Grounds, there were just enough people so that nobody got in your way and you didn’t have to stand in line for hours. The site was so clean that I didn’t even dare to throw my chewing gum on the grass. The toilets were a lot cleaner than expected and they had enough paper to last until the end of both days. And the people were better than the usual festival-goers - happy, kind, disciplined but also in a festive mood and positive about everyone and everything.
Rachel Bolan /bassplayer of Skid Row/: Thank you for including us on such a momentous occasion.
Dan DeVita/manager of Skid Row, Skindred and Walking Papers/: Thanks Juri. All of our bands had a great time.
Fabio Carmassi /Zucchero's tour manager/: Thank you Juri, you did a great job !!!
Andres Kalk /about Zucchero’s performance/: 17 members and 5 sets of percussion instruments - impressive! You don’t get this combination very often - congratulations to those who were there!
Heather Shaw /Oli Brown's manager/: Dear Juri! What an absolute pleasure it was being a part of Rock Summer, as well, to finally meet you. We had so much fun and Estonia is a place we want to keep coming back to.
Henry McGroggan /manager of Sharon Corr/: Dear Juri, thank you for inviting Sharon, she had a great time and loved being there.
Reet Kolkkanen /about Sharon Corr’s performance/: A pleasure!
Simone Rossetti /singer and flutist of The Watch/: Our pleasure dear Juri.
Piet Boerefijn /managing director of Estonian Food Bank/: We would like to thank you for your great support to children from Estonian big families. Everything was organized very well, the children had a great time and the concerts and food were very good. From one big family we heard that for them is was the first time in 16 years that they could visit a concert or festival!! Isn’t that great? Also many thank to Salvest, Lions Club and all volunteers, supporters and sponsors.
Joke Linnamaa /master of ceremony of Rock Summer 1988/: Tere Jyri. On behalf of the whole Radio Ettan gang I would like to thank you for all the hospitality and kindness and your generosity during our stay at Rock Summer 25. We had the time of our life!!!!!
Anneli Pungast: What is the story about dogs and the caravan... Why is there always whining and ranting?? I bought a ticket before the names were announced and I don’t regret it, I got to experience the entire festival for a cheaper price than a one-day ticket cost on site, it was obviously better to buy up front. All acts, 100%, were really good and the headliners for both days were STARS. All the performers and organisers GAVE THEIR BEST. I didn’t see a single unhappy participant, but I did hear lots of praise. I discovered a long list of new talents for myself. There were no pointless bands that are always added in to generate income and pass the time. So stop tearing it down, with the rants and whining. Did the person who wrote this article even go to the festival, or is he/she Makarov’s accountant, how else could they say that Rock Summer failed, it was NOT a failure. Stop spreading false information. Be less Estonian and more human, enjoy life and be happy.
Daisy Part /hostess of Walking Papers/: I think I hosted the coolest guys ever – Walking Papers @ Rock Summer 25.
Mikk Tammepõld /guitarist and singer of Dramamama /: Thanks for inviting us. We really enjoyed performing. Bryan Adams’s concert was particularly successful as well. Here’s to new encounters in new adventures.
Elmo Küttim: Bryan Adams’s two-hour show was a real treat... The other acts were according to taste, so to speak... :) For me the biggest surprise of the first day of Rock Summer 25 was Mumiy Troll – I hadn’t seen them live before...
Kadry Aasamäe /about Bryan Adams’ performance/: My first quality concert!
Andres Kalk /about Bryan Adams’ performance/: Brian performed a superb concert again. This was the fourth time I’d seen him live. He’s always been cool, interacted with the audience and got the crowd going. The show lasted for about 2 hours... mega!
Mariann Kilg /about Bryan Adams’ performance/: An unbelievable concert! Incredibly sincere and what a feeling... wow! :-)))
Mari-Liis Dolenko /about Bryan Adams' performance/: Damn, that was good! Thank you to the organisers!
Raivo Mitt /about Bryan Adams’ performance/: The sound was incredibly good! I tip my hat to you...
Marite Rassel /about Bryan Adams’ performance/: An unbelievably good concert and experience.
Cady Ka /about Bryan Adams’ performance/: A superb experience!
Kerly Kerge /about Bryan Adams’ performance/: It was awesome, I want to go back there!
Carmen Linnumäe /about Bryan Adams’ performance/: marvellous!
Kristiina Loos /about Bryan Adams’ performance/: It really was the best!!
Kristiina Reinvee /about Bryan Adams’ performance/: A superb experience!
Jessica Karoliina Tõnisalu /about Bryan Adams’ performance/: it was superb!! wish I could go back there :)
Helen Kel: Thank you very much! It was very cool, very well organised, everything ran smoothly and the music was great :)
Sirje Vürmer: Summer was cool. The line-up was chosen well: there was something for all tastes; the crowd was intelligent, there were no cans or other rubbish on the ground to be seen. I feel sorry for those whining self-admirers who are crying over the expensive ticket prices and didn’t go - they don’t know what they missed. I was amazed by the claim made by Peeter Rebane that nobody was interested in Zucchero. A blatant jibe. Zucchero’s concert was a fantastic end to the Summer. An applause for Makarov.
Marko Atso /drummer and manager of Metsatöll/: Thank you, it was great.
Renee Meriste /manager of Marya Roxx/: Thank you from all of us! We thought it was a really good festival and we hope you’re happy with our concert. Rock Summer was the only place in Estonia where Marya wanted to perform, and after waiting for 9 years it finally happened. If there’s no more Rock Summer, then I don’t know if Marya will ever perform in Estonia again.
Lihtsalt Triinu: Thank you, I got a fantastic experience thanks to you. The artists were really present and gave a great show. I particularly liked Bryan Adams, Metsatöll and Winny Puhh. A big thank you and a big hug to you :)
Tuuli Tattar: It was a really nice event, with superb organisation and artists on a great level. I was really satisfied :) 
Mauno Meesit /leader, soloist and guitarist of Sinine/: A great big thank you from me and our entire band! Despite the small crowd there was a great atmosphere at the festival that felt right and it was an honour to experience it as a performer as well as an audience member!
Heini Vaikmaa /leader and lead guitarist of Mahavok/: A sincere thank you to the organisers! The festival was technically very well organised and offered plenty of good experiences (Vaiko Eplik, Bryan Adams, Zucchero, new Estonian bands and others). I would especially like to bring out a big section of the world’s best DJs. We definitely need this kind of a festival, and if we could somehow keep it going even every two years, that would be great! (for example, Rabarock on one year and then Rock Summer in Tallinn. We should really join forces and work on this all year round.) Even though the programme offered great experiences well worth the money, unfortunately it was still out of reach for most people. Either with the help of sponsors or in some other way we should try to keep the one-day ticket prices a bit lower.
Astrit Rekor /about Winny Puhh’s performance/: It was awesome!!
Kris Moor: Thank you!
Ensemble Puzle: Puzle would like to thank you for a pleasant cooperation and good festival experiences! All the best!